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Watching the sunshine matinee.... Ia orana, Bonjour, Hello. Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving to all! I spent my Thanksgiving travelling from Bora Bora to Moorea, French Polynesia. No turkey, but lots to be Thankful for. I checked into some dump for a night and quickly checked out the next morning. I found a room at the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa , check out web-cam for Moorea and maybe catch a glimpse of me topping off the tan by the infinity pool? Yeah, I know, lots to be Thankful for! I plan on spending the rest of the week exploring Moorea. I am going to swim with the Dolphins and Rays, hike the summit, and work in a scuba dive or two. The food here is absolutely amazing and whatever weight I may have lost living hand to mouth in some of the islands I have visited, I plan on packing back on while in French Polynesia. Lots to be Thankful for! Recipe for Poisson Cru 1 cup Tuna (raw/fresh red or white/chunks) 1 cup Carrots (shredded) 1 cup Onions (white/sweet/diced) 1 cup Cucumbers (seeded/sliced or diced) 1 cup Tomatoes (seeded/diced) 1 cup Yellow and/or Red Peppers (seeded/julienne) 2 Tbsp Salt (Sea/Kosher) (err on the side of more) pinch White Pepper (small pinch, very small) 4 ounces or so Lime Juice (fresh) (can use Lemon) 8 ounces Coconut Milk (fresh if possible) Mix all ingredients and serve within 5 minutes of making! Enjoy! I'm off to Tahiti on Friday and then off to New Zealand on Saturday. I will do my best to stay in touch with you all. I love you and miss you. Lots to be Thankful for! Peace, Frank

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