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The Hoff

that the monkey's confused .... Alright, so winter is actually summer, the drivers side is on the right, but you have to drive on the left, kilometers not miles, Give Way (unclear driving rule), they use words like torch (flashlight), bonnet (hood), long black (coffee), crisps (potato chips), wedges (?french fries?), chips (?french fries?) heck I don't know....even the night sky is completely disorienting! So I am driving my new home around New Zealand, yes, I said driving, for the next 3 months. It is a converted Toyota Mini Van with a bed in the back and some other added features that someone thought necessary for living out of a vehicle for any length of time. The really great thing is that it is BRIGHT ORANGE and has SPACESHIP written on the side. Oh yeah, it is also named "The Hoff" - also written across the side - how very embarrassing! I keep having this weird dream that I'm shitfaced drunk rolling around on the floor eating a hamburger and my daughter is videotaping me? Strange, very strange. Well I guess no picking up chicks in this bad boy. After getting the Spaceship in Auckland I drove north. I spent the last couple of days getting sorted out or should I say settled in to my new home. I have been "staying" (read "parked") at the Waiwera Holiday Park & Thermal Pools ( The weather has been fantastic - San Diego weather - mid 70's, not a cloud in the sky, low humidity, cool breeze - perfect after nearly melting my skin off in the South Pacific Islands. The thermal pools were a nice way to relax. I have a parking space right on the water overlooking the bay. The sunrise in the morning is spectacular. Tomorrow I will head north to Waipu Cove and continue my exploring of the Northland of NZ. I hope to do some diving this weekend at the Poor Knights Islands (supposedly one of Jacques Top 10?). Water temp is in the 60's! Should be an eye opener. Stay tuned.... Peace and Love to all, Frank

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