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Steve and Squeak's home in Sun City is so beautiful and cozy

Both are in their 80's and are amazing!






We endured two nights of low temps in the 20's. We are just not set up for frigid temps and miss the balmy nights on the Gulf of Mexico. We left the heater running all night and opened cupboards and John disconnected the water hoses outside, so we were able to make it without having any frozen pipes. The good thing is that we had sunshine first thing in the morning shining in the front windows, which helped to warm up our little home on wheels.


Yesterday, we traveled to Lincoln Hills, a suburb of Sacramento, to visit with Auntie Squeak and Uncle Steve who live at Del Webb's Sun City. We were so excited to have a chance to visit with John's favorite aunt and uncle. We got there just in time for Steve to take us out to lunch at Red Robin where we had great burgers, garlic fries and beer - doesn't that sound wonderful - and it was! We then got a tour of one of the facilities at Sun City that includes a beautiful library, several classes, a full gym, pool, cafeteria, and pool room - anything you could want just around the corner. Steve said that they had snow in their back yard just a few days earlier.


When Auntie Squeak got home from playing bridge, she fixed a marvelous dinner of homemade turkey soup, biscuits, Uncle Steve's famous salad and pumpkin pie for dessert. Then this morning, we enjoyed a terrific breakfast of Auntie Squeak's famous yummy eggs, muffins, and juice. Talk about eating high on the hog for the past two days!! But even though the feasting was fantastic, being able to just sit and visit with two of our favorite people was the best part of all. This morning, we had a cut throat game of Mexican Train Dominoes, which I ended up winning. A good time was had by all and our visit definitely was too short.


We got back to Bethel Island just in time to join Manuel and Sue and some other friends and family for dinner to celebrate Manuel's birthday. I had a delicious New York steak with mushrooms and John had a slab of prime rib.


It was the first time we have left the kids alone overnight, but Uncle Manuel stopped by to feed them Wednesday night. He said they were happy to see him. The kids were happy to see us when we got home mostly because it was time for them to eat. Like true cats, however, they did not let on that they had even noticed we had been gone. I suspect that Rocky will be more happy to see us some time during the night or early morning when he begins kneading on one or both of us.

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