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Entrance to Elaine and Hersel's very nice retirement home.

The foyer as you enter the main building.

Lois and Elaine talking the "Good Ole Days"

Hersel relaxing in his easy chair.

Nancy and Naomi. Elaine's eldest daughters.

Naomi, Lois Elaine and Nancy.

All the girls with Hersel. He loves it.

We left Fort Lewis on Wednesday, November 18th and stopped off in Vancouver, Washington to visit with Stan and Carol Hosman. They came by the RV park and visited for a while and then we were off to dinner. Stan’s sister Lillian met us at the restaurant. Lillian and Lois went to college together. Stan and Lillian are Lois’ first husband’s brother and sister. Stan, Carol and Lois became friends when the Carol and Lois married into the Hosman family. They have all remained friends through all these years. We have always enjoyed visiting with them when we past by their way. The visit went so quickly, I didn’t take any pictures. Hard to believe isn’t it? From Vancouver, we made our way on down to Sacramento, California. We stopped there to visit Elaine and Hersel at their new digs. They have moved into a two bedroom apartment at a retirement center in Carmichael, California. We spent 3 days visiting and I got to enjoy hearing stories from their past. Elaine is Lois’ oldest sister and Hersel turned 90 last year, so there were some really great stories. Elaine and Hersel’s retirement center is very nice. Everything is well kept and the dining facility was very nice. They have a small patio with a great view out to the courtyard. Hersel told me about his job when he was a young man working on a ranch in Nebraska. He had to ride a horse along the fences every day looking for breaks. And I thought it was really hard mowing lawns in the summer. Elaine has been diagnosed with cancer and had started her radiation treatments when we were there. She looks a little thin, but she says that’s because they would not let her eat for all the different tests she had to endure. Her spirits are up and she was quite chipper while were there. They have two of their daughters living fairly close by and Naomi and Nancy visit often. Their youngest son James has been coming by and taking Elaine to her radiation treatments. Sometimes, James brings a son along. Elaine says her grandson tells her that he is there to help her. Elaine and Hersel have 8 children and I forgot how many grandkids and great-grandkids. That’s a lot of love and support. Everybody should be so lucky.

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