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A lovely table setting for Thanksgiving Dinner

Brian. Marian and Bob's son.

Bob working on finishing touches in the dining room.

Their friend Tom relaxing in the living room. Waiting for DINNER.

Marge giving moral support to Lois and Marian as they finish up...

Marian and Lois hard at work. Yummmm!!

OK; it's waiting for the food.

Marian in the kitchen. Soup yet????

Bob; Soup yet????????

Success!!! Yes, Virginia there are crabs.

Lois, Bob and Marian showing off our catch?

Hey, that's me. How did I get in a picture. Yea; thanks...

Our friend.

Our firend giving us the evil eye. Sorry, we didn't have any...

Half Moon Bay

Main street in Half Moon Bay.

Marian and Lois browsing in a Antique Store.

Kitties anyone???

We left Sacramento and headed about 130 miles down the road to an RV Park south of San Jose. We were only about 30 miles from Marian and Bob’s home in Redwood City. We drove over to their house on Thanksgiving morning and Marian had prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner menu. So Marian and Lois put the finishing touches on a really great dinner. Their son Brian came over and their friends, Tom and Marge were there also. Not only was the dinner great, but the company was really fantastic. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanksgiving is about family and this day was a really wonderful family gathering. The day after Thanksgiving, Bob and Marian took us over to the coast to a town called “Half Moon Bay” to buy fresh Dungeness Crabs off the fishing boats in the harbor. We found 3 beautiful crabs and then went on a walk through town. After having lunch in Half Moon Bay, we made the gorgeous drive back up through the canyon to Redwood City where Marian cooked the crabs. We had another great meal at the Hendricks, before we headed on down south. We have had wonderful time visiting family and friends on our way down to El Centro, California. Now we are here at Rio Bend until February, when we will move on over to Tucson for two months.

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