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What a Rainbow!! This was from the Golf Course.

You can't leave shoes laying around with Toby close by.

What Toby was looking for.

A Flock of black winged Pelicans stopped by Fig Lagoon one day.

The angry skies when we went over to La Mesa to Trader...

We have had some beautiful sunsets here.

Toby and Lois enjoying a nice evening here at Rio Bend.

Lois and Toby guarding the RV.

A wondeful sunset at Rio Bend.

We had a really windy day the other day.

It got really nasty.

We have made it down to southern California to a resort outside of El Centro, California. It is called Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort. It is in the middle of the Imperial Valley. They grow a lot produce and the stuff we buy to eat around here is fantastic. The resort and the golf course have been in really great shape this year. We're so far south that the wind blows in spanish. So from beautiful and warm southern California, We want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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