Claes Johansson Asia 2010 travel blog

Arrival to Mae Hat in Koh Tao.

My taxi-boat driver taking me to Koh Nangyuan.

The very first sight of Koh Nangyuan.

The beach of this triple island, Koh Nangyuan.

Sun chairs.

Koh Nangyuan beach.

More from the beach.

View from a bar stool.

Absolutely the best bar in Koh Nangyuan, but also the only one.

Koh Nangyuan is a rather expensive place to be at. Even a...

Koh Nangyuan, seen from the far end.

A last sight of the beach of Koh Nangyuan.

Beside from the beach, Koh Nangyuan is a rather rocky island.

Thai fishing boats outside Mae Hat, Koh Tao.

Zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The main road in Mae Hat.

22 January.

On this day I woke up enough early to catch to boat to Koh Tao. I even had time for a small breakfast before I left the Maya Buri. Since I was about the last people entering the boat, I was very keen on finding a seat. Most of the seats were already occupied but I found a seat in front in the seating area, which I grabbed very quickly. Unfortunately did I not noticed what kind of people which I had around me. Just seconds after I had taken my seat, I discovered that I was almost in the middle of a “kindergarten”. Sitting just behind me, I think three families with 2 – 3 children each and all the children were about one to five year old, and little bit later it turned out that all the families were Swedish. I kept a very low profile and luckily for me, that day I had my green T-shirt with an Irish flag on my arm. No one not even try to talk to me, thanks. One accident seldom comes alone. Next accident happened then the boat had a, I think a smaller problem with engine. That delayed the departure from Koh Samui with an half hour. During this time, I don’t know how many times, I heard the comment “ Elmer, sitt på rumpan”. Fore sure it was many times. Luckily for me the whole “kindergarten” and their following staff left at neighbouring island of Koh Pha Ngan. After that I had a nice and pleasant boat trip to Koh Tao. The trip took around two hour to do. Since I was on a daytrip and the delay took time from my stay in Ko Tao, I had about 4 hours on me in Koh Tao. The very first thing I did when I arrived to Mae Hat in Koh Tao, was to take a boat taxi to the island of Koh Nangyuan, a trip about 15 minutes. Koh Nangyuan turned out to be just as fine as I expected, watch the pictures above. Later when I came back to Mae Hat, the ferry jetty in Koh Tao, I had some time for eating, having some beer and looking around a little bit, before it was time to go back to Koh Samui. On the way back, when landing in Koh Pha Ngan again, picked up the Swedish “kindergarten” again. But this time I did not bather any more. I have had a really good day. That no one can take away from me.

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