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Punakaiki At Night

Surge Pool At Night

Pancake Rocks At Night


Surge Pool Daytime

Pancake Rocks Daytime

Surge Pool And Blowholes

More Amazing Rock Formations

Even More Amazing Rock Formations

Yes, Even More Amazing Rock Formations

Whale Bones - Farewell Spit

Tractor Dropping Off Water Taxi

Split Apple Rock

Water Taxi - This Is My Stop

Watering Cove - Abel Tasman


Avital & Me

Fur Seals

Smile Everyone!

Solo Shot

The Guide Mikey - Tough Day At The Office

Spotted Cormorant - a.k.a. - Spotted Shag

Not Spotted Cormorant - a.k.a. - Shag

Watch Out For The Stingray

I Need A Miracle Everyday!

To get to where I was going in a day

Now I've got to stop

And go and stop and go along the way

Slowed down a bit this week and took the time to stop and go along the way. Had a few too many coffee's in some really neat little cafes in even more neat little towns.

I drove out of Greymouth after typing my last update and headed up the coast to Punakaiki. Which is famous for a little National Park there which has incredible rock structures - Pancake Rocks - and Blowholes. I arrived about a half hour before dark and took a magical stroll through the park in the rain and mist and fog. I was almost entirely alone and just got lost in the beauty of it all. I endured a wet nights sleep (the Spaceship leaks!) and in the morning went back for a second walk through the park. And although sunny and beautiful the park was way more crowded and not quite as magical as the night before. I did manage to get a few pictures though.

I continued on to Nelson, NZ. Which is situated on Tasman Bay and is the gateway to Abel Tasman National Park and the Golden Bay area. I quickly fell into step with the laid back vibe of the area and it's residents. I spent a few days just driving around and picking up hitchhikers, enjoying the mix of conversation and the stories of each others journey. I stopped in little towns like, Motueka and Marahau, Takaka and Farewell Spit.

One of the days I did manage to get out and take a Kayak trip in Abel Tasman National Park. A Water Taxi ride into the park to meet the guide and then a leisurely paddle from Watering Cove to Marahau was spectacular. Especially sweet was the peacefulness of it all. The seals, bird calls, cicada's, stingrays, crystal clear water, beautiful coastline, various sea birds and the incredible company - the guide Mikey and my kayak partner Avital - made the day one I won't soon forget.

I had made the mistake of making plans - I booked my ferry crossing online - and had to pull myself away from Golden Bay to head back towards Picton to catch the Saturday afternoon ferry. I definitely could have spent many more days doing not much of anything in this neck of the woods.

So off I went to Spring Creek/Blenheim for a day of dining. From my last pass through I hadn't forgotten that this area was full of Wineries. Which means full of food! It just so happened that it was the start of the Wine and Food Festival and I spent the afternoon indulging in the local delicacies. Yum!

I did manage to make the ferry on time and am now back on the North Island of NZ. Currently I'm sitting in a Internet shop off of Cuba Street in Wellington. I am slowly running out of time here in NZ and have a few things I still want to do and some great people I still want to see before heading out to Australia in a few weeks. I need to have the Spaceship back in Auckland on the 25th and I fly out to Melbourne on the 27th. So time to ride on and stop and go and stop and go along the way.

Happy Valentine's! Love and peace to all.


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