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SC Residence – My home in Mukdahan.

The Indochina Market.

More from the Indochina Market.

Boat on the Mekong River.

Main street in Mukdahan.

Mukdahan Night Market.

Mukdahan Tower.

View over Mekong and Laos from the Mukdahan Tower.

22 February.

Even if I strongly feel that my mission here in Ubon is far away from accomplished. I missed the bi-colour river and most of all; I missed Khao Phra Wihan National Park. But now it is high time to move on. On this day I start a 500 kilometres trip along the Route 212 and today’s trip to Mukdahan will be about 165 km. On my own made hotel list, I had two hotels in Mukdahan. I decided to go the cheaper SC Recidence, only 400 Bt. It turned out that the SC had everything that I could wish, relative new, clean and fresh, nice and well planned rooms. I must say that SC had absolutely one of the very best rooms, I ever have had. Mukdahan is a trade and goods transport hub. In Mukdahan starts a transport link that goes via Savannakhet in Laos and all the way to Quang Tri in Vietnam. After that I have settled down at the SC and relative easy found the tourist office and there got a map. Mukdahan have a lively Indochina market there I spend most of the afternoon. This market maybe not so much for the tourist, but it was interesting anyway and I found some items which I could think to buy under other circumstances, everything which I buy now, I have to carry and in the end I have to think at the weight of my luggage.

23 February.

A new day in Mukdahan, after a small breakfast, which I had to go out for, because the SC don’t serve food at all. It took me some time to find a decent place. After breakfast I took a taxi to the outskirts of Mukdahan, to Ho Kaeo Mukdahan, a 65 metres high tower with a great overlook over the town, Mekong River and also a bit of Laos. The afternoon I once again spend in the Indochina Market. There are not so much more to do and se in Mukdahan.

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