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The Nakhon Phanom Riverview Resort – My home In Nakhon Phanom.

River view over Mekong from my room.

Temple in Nakhon Phanom.

Inside the temple.

Also from the inside of the temple.

Some sort of ceremony going on.

From the aquarium, The Mekong Cat Fish.

The car ferry from Laos coming in.

25 February.

Since one day is more then enough to cover the small That Phanom. My trip goes on and this time to Nakhon Phanom, a trip about 54 km. But before I checked out from the Kritsada, I had some time to watch the Thai Lao border market, just outside of my hotel. It was rather interesting to see the armada of boats coming over from the Lao side. The market was very lively and well visited. After the visit at the market, it was high time for me to go to the bus station and continue my Route 212 trip to Nakhon Phanom. In Nakhon Phanom, it turned out that I ended up in a 5-star hotel. But even 5-star hotel can give discounts, so even I can afford to live here. Unfortunately the hotel was situated 2-3 km outside of the centre of town, which means many taxi trips for me. First thing to do was to find the tourist office, to get a city map. After that it became a small city tour.

26 February.

Nakhon Phanom which means “City of the mountain” is a little bit odd, because there are no mountains around, at least not on the Thai side of Mekong. The mountains are all at the Lao side. Nakhon Phanom has rather little to offer to the tourists. Yesterday’s city tour and one more day here should be more than enough to cover the Nakhon Phanom. On this day I decided to go by song-thaew a little bit outside of the town. I visited an aquarium, which showed a collection of Mekong fish. According to my map, there should be a Vietnamese village in the neighbourhood, there once Ho Chi Minh had been living for some years in the 1920:th. I walked from the aquarium to the village, a distance about one kilometre. There I was told that, there were another three kilometres to the uncle Ho’s house. Then I gave up, three kilometres I could possibly do, but then I have to walk the distance back to the main road, so in all it would be a six km walk in the heat. The evening I spend on a second floor restaurant near the Indochina market and watched a, some sort of a live show of a Thai version of American Idol.

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