Claes Johansson Asia 2010 travel blog

27 February.

After a 4-hour and about 180 km long bus trip, I finally arrived to Beung Kan in the Nong Khai Province. Beung Kan has only one attraction to offer, a mountain and cave temple situated some 45-50 km outside of Beung Kan. What I have seen of pictures before, this is a great place and beautiful sceneries, which I would like very much to see. Unfortunately my luck already stopped when I arrived to Beung Kan. I had only one hotel on my list and this one turned out to be full. So, what to do? Continue to look for a hotel room and quickly arrange for a transport to and from the mountain temple? I realized that I could hardly do this on one and same day. So therefore I decided to give up my thoughts about to see the mountain temple and go direct to Nong Khai, a bus trip about 120 km.

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