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Red Rock Ranch tour in Van Horn, Texas.


PreCambrian Sandstone.

Texas holly.




An ancient mudflat with small worms and channels, turned to rock, raised...

We can move this formation.

Mescalaro Apache grinding holes(about 12inches round and 6 inches deep).

A window to another world.

Camel rock.

The talc mine.

Gates to a magical mountain.

Helen the rock hound.

Looking down a canyon.

A natural watering hole for the deer, coyote and javelina

Winter solstice rocks placed by the Apache. Lines up perfectly with sunrise...

Two grinding holes look like eyes staring back from the rocks.

Canyons and mountains.

After leaving Arizona, we returned to the home of our friends Teri and Bill outside of Silver City, New Mexico. We had dinner in their new room. This was the same area in which we celebrated Thanksgiving dinner minus walls, windows, doors and heater. They made great progress completing the addition and created a wonderful living space.

Our next stop was Mesilla, NM. We were rained and winded in for a day. On Monday we discovered we had gotten up too early--the historic plaza did not open until noon. I always suspected that rising early was highly overrated. So after a walk around the plaza and a cup of coffee we headed off to Texas on Highway 10.

The Red Rock Ranch in Van Horn grabbed our attention. On a 4 hour tour of the ranch we walked on Precambrian Sandstone, saw alluvial flood plains that had been lifted into high mesas, and saw unique and interesting rock formations. This massive ranch includes the Beach Mountain Range and the Carrizo Mountains.

The Mescalaro Apache Natives called this land home and researchers have unearthed 20 middens--the pits into which they discarded garbage. Many chards, arrowheads and artifacts have been found in this area.

Also on the ranch is a talc mine which the family has recently closed down rather than continue to dig up the mountainside. They have a commitment to preserve this land and its formations for the future.

One of the owners, Darice Mcvay who was also our tour guide, was very proud of the fact that the 1994 film Blue Sky was filmed on site. She retold the story in great detail and pointed out many of the actual sites included in the film. We are now looking for a copy.

We are continuing through the hill country of Texas and plan to arrive in Blanco by Friday.

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