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Our second make up workshop was in Basilldon, where our director Ross McDonald is from. It was a smaller workshop only 50 kids. The largest workshop I have ever done was with 720 kids in Germany in the fall of 2007. There are advantages and disadvantages to large workshops. The more kids there are the harder it is to get and keep them focused however with a small group you get to know the kids on a more personal level but it is harder to keep their energy level up. This workshop almost every single kid had taken the workshop before and a lot of us already knew each other, which was really cool to dig deeper and pull even more out of them. The show was fantastic! The kids knew the material and for a lot of the numbers there wasn’t even Young Americans out front. The kids were leading each other and helping each other left and right. I stood in awe watching the show from the back stage wings. Never underestimate the talent of anyone!

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