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Salvation Mountain







Gals on Salvation Mtn







Salton Sea


Flood destruction

Nanc by the Sea

Mud Mounds




Another side trip, off first to Salvation Mountain. Here along with Slab City, both located on and old abandoned military base, are persons who have for the better lack of description, taken up “squatter’s rights” and claimed the land to live on. To occupy the time, a 79 year old “sculptor” has and continues to build his monument using hay bales plastered with adobe and hundreds of gallons of paint. Others in Slab City, who obviously have time on their hands also, create various contraptions. This is not a “real” city, but the residents have created their own community with entertainment facilities and businesses.

Next we went to the Salton Sea. Here out in the middle of the desert lies a large “sea”, some 226 feet below sea level. Once a very popular resort area, floods and agricultural silting (resulting in a salt level close to that of sea water) has changed it’s character and now only a few people remain.

Continuing our touring we found the “mud pots”. South of the Salton Sea is an area where geo-thermo activity occurs and these “mud pots” are built up. Steam and/or gases escaping from underground bring up water, mixed with soil, creating these mounds. Standing near can get you dirty!

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