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Gulpha Creek ran right beside our campsite at Hot Springs National Park...

Tortuga loves the park.

Stocking caps required.

And rain jackets for a hike.

Raindrops abound.

Texture and Color


The creek was high and rushing.

A bath that operated continuously since the late 1800's.

Another bath facility which is used as the Park Visitor Center and...



The water from this fountain is about 140 degrees.


The Hot Springs National Park campgrounds was our next stop. Though most of the precipitation was rain, we did see a few snowflakes falling which promptly melted when they hit the ground. It cleared enough to take a hike into Hot Springs Mountain. On Monday it was time for a bath in the hot spring water much like the southern women of the 1900's enjoyed. We choose the Buckstaff Bath, the oldest bath facility in Hot Springs, which offered a bath, steam room, hot packs, and massage. Our bodies never felt so good and the water was also good to drink. Hot spring fountains are located around the city and people were filling containers for drinking. We watched one man who arrived with 3 plastic milk crates, each containing 4 jugs, and then another 3 5 gallon blue jugs. He really must be healthy if he drinks all that water.

The magnolia trees were in bloom and weather was great. The downtown historic area provided for great exploration and a historical picture of the early years of the hot springs and the baths. Very early on the there had been attempt made to provide affordable access to the hot spring healing water for all people, especially the ill. And since the ill did not necessarily want to be outside the baths were indoor facilities. A bit disappointing since outdoor hotsprings were really never developed(and you may know how much we enjoy outdoor hotsprings). It was also quite disconcertaining to discover that the long history of segregation included the baths. There were separate African American facilities.

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