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We have arrived in Asheville and are with our friends here. To get here from Tennessee we had to take a detour since rock slides had closed several main highways out of TN or in NC. That meant we had a choice of a very roundabout way on Highway 75 of a more direct route via the Cherahala scenic skyway, also named "A Drive above the Clouds". This drive took us through the Cherokee National Forest in TN and the Natahala National Forest in NC. The twisting highway took us through the ermerging green forests and up and down the hills. When we reached 1000 feet we entered the clouds of fog and continued the remainder of the drive in the fog. A two hour drive through beauty and spectacular waterfalls became a drive in engulfing grayness that took over 3 hours. Once we were committed it was turn around or go all the way through. It is a trip we will repeat sometime, but only on the brightest of sunny day. Our arrival at Sharron"s home was a welcome relief.

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