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The charcoal burner where the charcoal used to filter the Jack Daniels...

The spring water following through the property which provides the clean, clear...

An original building where it all began--charcoal, wheat barley, water, mash, and...

A stautue of Jack himself, a little guy with a huge reputation...

Spring is emerging in the state of Tennessee. Many trees in bloom, grasses are greening up and small wild flowers abound.

On the way to Chattanooga we were drawn to the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg. This is the nation's oldest registered distillery and was started by Jack Daniels when he was 16 years old. As the story goes, he was taught, at the age of 7, how to make whiskey by a minister. Our tour guide was a native of Lynchburg, had the dryest sense of humor, and kept us laughing the entire time with her stories of Jack and his antics. At the end of the tour we were served lemonade, since the distillery is located in a dry county. We did partake in the aroma of whiskey being distilled, but that was all. The distillery is located in a beautiful hollow of Tennessee and has a spring, which is used in the making of the whiskey, running right through the property.

Check www.jackdaniels.com March 25 3:05 pm to see our picture from the tour. We are toward the left side.

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