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Song-thaew to Mae Salong.

My bungalow at the Shin Sane Guesthouse – My home in Mae...

The Shin Sane Guesthouse.

Akha people.

Chinese style tea shop.

The main road in Mae Salong. Also the only road.

More Akha people.

The local market in centre of Mae Salong.

Inside of a tea shop.

If you buy stronger stuff than tea, you maybe leaving Mae Salong...

Tea plantations.

There is only one road in Mae Salong.

Wat Santhikiri overlooking Mae Salong.

Army checkpoint outside of Mae Salong on the way to Chiang Rai.

4 April.

Once again an early breakfast and check out. Short walk back to the song-thaew station and 10.30 o’clock I departed Thaton for a 2,5 hours trip to Mae Salong. The first 30 kilometres went rather quick, lesser than a hour. But the remaining 15-20 kilometres took much longer time, because of the condition of the road. Suddenly I was back in the mountains again and it was mostly uphill. Finally I arrived to Mae Salong a Chinese Kuomintang settlement. Mae Salong is mostly known for its tea, Mae Salong tea is sold worldwide as a Chinese tea, but it comes from here. The Mae Salong town is mostly situated on a mountain ridge, so the town is only one long street, behind the houses the steep slopes began almost immediately. On my list I had four guesthouses, three cheaper and one more expensive. I ended up in the Shin Sane Guesthouse, only 300 Bath per night. In the afternoon I made a small sightseeing tour. I also noticed that the temperature was a little bit lower, I guess it was about 34-36 degrees during daytime and just after that the sun going down, the temperature went down rather quickly. The evening and the night was very cool. For a change it was very pleasant to be away from the heat.

5 April.

On my second day in Mae Salong, I had ambitions to travel to a neighbouring village. But when I discovered that were not any song-thaews or other public transports between the villages, so I gave it up. It became one more day of exploring the town of Mae Salong. Since there are almost no nightlife here and I also understand that there were an other type of tourists which coming here, except for the Taiwanese tourists, other tourists coming here for getting away from the heat for some time.

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