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Dave on the China-Vietnam border in Loi Cai

May 10th

A day to recover and a quick stop at the Chinese Border


Most of the day today we spent relaxing around Sapa, as after two days of hiking in the mud neither Natalya nor my legs would take us much further today. We toured around town and got to see a few interesting things.

Firstly we stopped to rest awhile on a park bench and enjoy the view, and while sitting their attracted a group of Vietnamese school children, who we decided to entertain for awhile with a few magic tricks and balloons. After that our tour of town brought us to a section of dog meat restaurants which we wisely avoided.

We finished our time in Sapa with a tour of the market, which was filled with lots of fresh herbs and tasty looking things, and some of the most unappetizing things imaginable (fried uterus). We watched the sunset over the mountains, and then left to catch the night train back to Hanoi.

Just before boarding the night train we had a chance to make a quick stop at the Chinese border for a photo-op. Like all land borders here in Asia it seemed to consist largely of Casinos and "massage" parlours, both of which I can report we did not stop in at...

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