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Hey Folks

We are home already, in Albany. Wahoo!!! Actually it is Albany, Oregon.

We are just getting over the colds - yes, being such a generous soul that I am, I shared it with Mr Cameron. Anyway, after travelling 2000 miles in about four days, he is shattered and we have set up camp here in Albany for the night. Just had icecream as the campsite put that on for the campers here - just like Butlins. It was fun and the servings were huge.

The weather got warmer as we left Wyoming and headed into Utah - just the top for a brief couple of hours, but it was absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills and rivers, fantastic and as it got warmer, it felt even better. We went from Nebraska into Wyoming, into Utah, then Idaho, then Oregon. Oregon was also beautiful and we followed a very long river for a very long time and it was also lovely. We will definitely go back up there for a while. The weather got up to 82 degrees farenheit as we headed into Oregon - Oh yeah!!!!

James is very tired and so we will be taking a less frenzied journey down to LA. Once there we can do some proper work on the bike and trike kit and get all our electrics sorted out. We just knew that we had to get back West as soon as, so were hoofing it all the way - as well as to get out of the cold (not to mention getting rid of the lurgy too). Still cannot believe that it was snowing.

Of course, we didn't put suncream on yesterday and James got a bit burnt again. He is going to look like a 'cheeky darkie' soon. Hope nobody is offended by that, just joking really.

I haven't got much to say today, sorry. Some of the people here are very strange (sorry to the US people reading this, obviously I don't mean you). I am not sure if it is just because there are more people hence more strange people, or that there are more of them per ratio.

Right, must go. James' finger's are getting fidgety as he is waiting to get on here. There is only so much a man can read in the campers catalogue after all.

Warmth and sunshine - and we are loving it.

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