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Okay so this isn’t much of a travel journal anymore. A lot has happened since we last wrote.

1. Most of you know by know that we bought a house

2. …and this weekend Mike bought himself a boat (for his 30th Birthday gift)

3. …and earlier this weekend Mike peed on an electric fence (this was way worse than the time Becca tested the dog’s invisible fence)

Highlights of the house

Great location close to town (10 mins to work)

Awesome views over the harbor

Gas fireplace to keep us toasty on cold nights

The BEST guest room in New Zealand (hint, hint)

A veggie garden so I can see what kind of green thumb I have

We have an incredibly steep driveway and almost couldn’t get the boat up here!

There’s a walking path to a great running trail up Parihaka (the big mt. in town)

Check out a short video I made.

Keep in mind, this was take four so imagine the first three tries. Hope you like roller coasters cause this’ll make you very dizzy.

And onto the boat…

Her name is Squirt

Mike says she’s sensitive but I think he means he’s sensitive about me knocking the boat

It’s in Ohio State colors

There are 4 seats and 6 fishing rod holders

I opened all 70 horses yesterday and she was pretty fast!!!

Between the move and buying the house and work and the weather turning towards winter, we’ve managed to have a few fun weekends.

We went on an awesome fishing trip where we rented a big fishing boat with 7 friends and caught tons of snapper. The highlight of the day when Mike pulled up a 5 lb. John Dory. It’s one of the best eating fish around and it was the biggest one anyone we were fishing with had ever seen! He also landed a great kingfish, but still a few cm’s undersized.

In only 5 weeks we’ll be back in the US to see family and friends. There better be a Tomatoes aPizza waiting for us at the airport! And some Christmas ales on ice!

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