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James and Elizabeth at the Santa Paula airport

Judy's garden in Camarillo

Chocolate covered apples - yummy

Hi All

Still here in Camarillo, pronounced Camaree-o as it is spanish.

Judy and Ted have two adorable dogs called Wiley and Cleo. Cleo is like a lamb with short legs and Wiley is a grey and white shaggy dog. I have grown very fond of them both.

Have been taking our time getting stuff done. It seems that James will be inventing the wheel by doing this wiring up. We really just want wiring that will enable us to keep the chilly bin cold and also to keep our electronics charged up, but there is no info on it.

The photo here is when James went up in the little plane with Ted, Judy's husband. I didn't go because I got travel sick when we went in a helicopter a couple of years ago.

James really enjoyed it and got to see alot of the land as it was a lovely day.

Whilst they were flying, I went into the Santa Paula shops. It is an old town that is made up of mainly Mexican people. The main street is a little tired looking and the shops are all a bit run down. There was a train station that was like a model one, small and quaint.

Some of the walls along the main street had some great murals on them.

I saw a young guy walking around with an icecream trolley type thing and I was tempted to stop him for an icecream.

The weather is great here at the moment, and I even went into the pool that is here. I have been eating strawberries too, as they are luscious and juicy here and don't need any sugar on them or anything.

We have managed to buy the video camera and it is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. It also comes in a waterproof case as it is also used for surfies to put on their surfboards and for people with remote control planes. The camera is especially made so that when we mount it on the bike dashboard, the vibration of the bike won't affect the picture. We will be taking stills from it for you all.

We went to the biggest outlet shopping area ever. We were there for a few hours and still didn't get around it all. Anybody who has been shopping with me knows that I don't mess around in shops. It's in and out. We bought some plates and bowls that were on special for camping and a big pump pot, flask thing to hold hot water.

We saw a shop that had a whole variety of apples covered in chocolate and sweets.

What I will do, is once we get the memory card which will allow us to download the photos from the phone to the computer, I will just put the correct photos on the correct entries and then if people want, they can go back and have a quick look at the photos and see the entry that it relates to.

We have been very well looked after and have been taken out for lovely dinners and spoilt rotten, it will very hard for us to leave. but we will be back late August.

The area that we are in, is full of orchards and flowers and we have seen heaps of people - mainly Mexican I think, picking the fruit.

The people across the road had a big domestic in the early hours of this morning and I was waiting for the sound of gunfire, but sadly it wasn't that bad and they drove off. Just joking - sort of.

We saw a flyer advertising a house in a flash area near here called Spanish Hills and the house was over a million dollars. It made me laugh because amongst the list of rooms was something called "A Whimsical Powder Room". What the hell is that!!!!!!!!!!

I am in the middle of looking for a helmet for me. James informed me that I can't keep buying helmets - the trailer doesn't have that much room. I informed him that if I am going to be wearing a helmet for six months, that is like my hair style. I change my hairstyle most days, so therefore I need a variety of helmets that will substitute for my styles. I am finding it very difficult to find a helmet as my head is very sensitive and an odd shape. It is a pain because once you get one, you can't change it, but you often won't know if fits properly until you have worn it a few times or for any length of time. However, fortunately we have found a shop that will exchange it in seven days if need be, so we will doing that. I really want to get one soon so that I can put my stickers and my pigtails on it.

It seems weird that we have only been gone three weeks as it seems alot longer.

Sorry that I don't have much to say, but just wanted to check in.

Let me just say that people put peanut butter on everything here - icecream, waffles. I guess it's like kiwis and tomato sauce.

Okay team, talk soon.

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