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Tortuga parked on her pad surrounded with plants, flowers and garden art.

It has been some time since we last updated, so let me fill you in on the rest of the story and make this the final entry--for this journey at least. From Kentucky, we headed to the familiar Mississippi River, through St Louis, explored the Mark Twain city of Hannibal and continued up the river to our home, just 4 blocks from the river. A death in Helen's family called us back to WI for a week. Upon our return home I saw my hip surgeon and am now sporting a new Stryker hip on my right side to match my left. What a whirlwind finale. But as we look back we are first of all aware that we were at many of the places in Nashville that were subsequently underwater. We were in Arizona, stopped at a border patrol checkpoint and witnessed several men being placed in the locked area of the truck. We have already experienced 90 degree weather this spring in Texas. There is so much more to see and experience, that we know we will be back on the road again--when and how long are open questions. But we are sure that this experience has deepened our gratitude for friends and family, multiplied our appreciation for this country while at the same time raising many questions about this country, and that this time of travel had instilled in both of us a greater sense of inner peace. Just being is a good thing. And you enjoy your wonderings and wanderings, near or far, monumental or hidden. They are all important.

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