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In truth it could be a hell'va lot better morning, we delayed an extra month in the south just to avoid the very thing that's happening to us right now, yes it's the dreaded "S" four letter word, and no one doesn't need paper to finish the job. The weather guesser promised snow last night but dissolving in the rain today, small comfort as far as I'm concerned!, jeez, do we have to stay in Arizona all year to avoid the stuff!

Had a quick visit with the grandkids and after being away for a few years I'm sure they were wondering who we were. They have grown so tall, losing teeth, talking when they weren't when we left! It's nice to be able to see them more often.

In any event, all else is progressing mostly smoothly, we were off to the lawyers office on Friday with a big bag of money and should be picking up the keys to our new house on Tuesday. I took the bus in for oil & lube last week and the oil leak than I mentioned was deemed to be a 7 hour job so I decided to being it back later, as in last Wednesday. When the mechanic crawled under and had a good look at it the bad news came rapidly. It's the gasket on the injector pump he says, best case 2 days, maybe 4, Ouch!!! Anyway it had to be done and the good news, it's all under warranty, so have at it boys, I've got a spare bed at the farm. In the end they did get it done in 21/2 days, also found some dust in the intake lines so had to change the air filter (another $175.00) diesel's are nice to have but expensive pets.

So we now have our own bedroom back and glad of it, we took over the 5th wheel at the farm which was great but one always forget small things to take when you're suddenly displaced, plus we had to stock the fridge in the 5'er so now we have a lot of duplicates, oh well, on Tuesday it can go into the new house.

Karen has been on a tear in the shopping mode, we now have new furniture for the living room, couch, chair and two recliners, We also bought new for the family room, couch, love seat and swivel recliner so that pretty much does it for the major stuff, All the appliances come with and we still have the dining room furniture so most of the house will fill up.

The bedrooms are a different story, we kept our bedroom stuff but sold or gave away all the other beds so now we have four empty ones to manage somehow, so if you're coming for a visit, call first to make sure we have a place for you to sleep!

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