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Land Iguana


Lava Lizard

Galapagos Hawk

Land Iguana Lineup

Lava Heron

Jon, Arthur, Bickla, & Tim

Galapagos Mockingbird

Yellow Warbler

Galapagos Mockingbird

Crystal, AnnaMaria, Jon, & Paul...& Booby

"Outa Our Way", Boobys Say

Lotsa Land Iguanas

Lotsa Land Iguanas

Does This Iguana Look Overworked?

Young Sea Lion Greets Me

Nasca Booby

Nasca Booby

Boobys on Guano Rocks + Jon, Ana, & Edwardo

Waved Albatross (Smallest in World)

Lft Grp: Arthur,Andrew,Nalini,AnnaMaria-Frt Row: Anya, Bon, Adas, & Grace...Back Row: Bickla, Tim,...

Lft Grp: Arthur, Nalini, Bon, AnnaMaria, Bickla...Down Front: Edwardo,Tim, Adas Rt Grp:...

"Human Invasion, Abandon the Island!", Marine Iguanas Manage a Getaway

Espanola Coastline

See Pics

Land & Sea Life Seen:)

Espanola hike, Punta Suarez

*All Critters marked like this indicates first time observed!

spotted cabrilla*,waved albatross* (world smallest), nazca booby* (wht head in rocks), tropicbird* (longtail, wht), Gala hawk*, Gala dove, Lava Heron*, yellow warbler*, Gala mockingbird, Espanda lava lizard*, land iguana, marine iguana

Spotted Cabrilla Grouper

Spotted Cabrilla Grouper, Sorry To Include This, But the Only Site w/ 'Good' Picture


Waved_Albatross Mating Dance

Nazca Booby Info

Tropicbird Info

Gala Hawk Info

/Lava_Heron Info

Yellow Warbler Info

Yellow Warbler Info

Gala Finch Info

Gala Mockingbird Info

Espanda Lava Lizard Info

Lava Lizard Info

Garner Bay snorkel

*All Critters marked like this indicates first time observed!

black Pacific green turtle, ing angelfish, rainbow runner*, Gala seabream, striped mullet*, blue and gold snapper*, marbled ray*, stingray*, sealion (150+ on beach!), giant hawkfish*

Rainbow Runner Info

Striped Mullet Info

Snappers Info

Marbled Ray Info

Marbled Ray Info

Stingray Info

Stingray Info

Giant Hawkfish Info

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