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Kat at Trail Head to Sherwin Lakes

Kat on bridge over Sherwin Creek at the beginning of the trail

David on the trail

David at waterfall below the Lower Sherwin Lake

David at waterfall below the Upper Sherwin Lake

Upper Sherwin Lake

Kat & David after Lunch with smiles

Kat Rocks :)

David Rocks !!!

Lower Sherwin Lake

Man...this whole town is HIGH !!! KOOL!!

Upper Sherwin Lake - check out the clear water

Another lovely hiking day to our local Mammoth Mountain area trails. This is our 4th hiking experience and we decided to pull out all the stops and hiked 6.74 miles...according to David's GPS :)

The hike was to Sherwin Lakes which is a group of 4 lakes and we visited the 2 largest lakes. The trail was a series of switchbacks as we climbed the 880 feet elevation gain and it was all up hill...whew...gave our legs a good workout and the Cardio's pumping.

This hike was different than the hike to Parker Lake as it had more rocky terrain, and more tree cover. As we neared the Lower Sherwin Lake there was evidence of a fairly recent (we heard it was 2 yrs ago) forest fire that had blackened and killed many trees. This continued clear up to the lake.

The Lower Lake had a waterfall that fed into the lake and at the other end (see photot where David is standing) was a waterfall that fed out of the lake. Beautiful vista's around the lake and it's a very popular trail as we continually ran into other hikers and their dogs.

On our way to the Upper Lake we missed the trail turnoff and were headed towards another lake called Valentine Lake that was about 3 miles further. We quickly realized we made a mistake as we had been walking too long and David's GPS confirmed...WE MISSED OUR TRAIL.

We back tracked and quickly found our way to Upper Sherwin Lake.

It too has a waterfall that feeds out of the lake and down into the lower lake. This is where we stopped for lunch. We sat on a nice big granite rock and had our PB&J's with chips, apple and gatorade. It was lovely.

The Upper Lake is so clear you can see the bottom for what seemed like half way across the lake. We got some good photos with the reflections of the trees and mountains. Check out the attached photo.

You can see the lake bottom how clear it is. The fire didn't seem to reach this far up, didn't see any black and dead trees here. Very lovely.

We headed back down and the switchbacks were all down hill, not as strenuous as walking up the hill however there were many rocks on the path and we had to be careful not to trip or slip.

As you can see from David's T-Shirt....THIS WHOLE TOWN IS HIGH and we certainly are taking advantage of the thin air. Still retired and loving it.

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