We left at 7:30 AM to Kayak Morro Bay. It is a most scenic and unusual experience. It was quite breezy and cool when we launched. The air temperature was about 50 degrees and the water was not much warmer-perhaps the mid 50's. We navigated a large circle and traveled 5.8 miles and hiked 1.5 miles in sand. We crossed the bay to the large sand spit which separates the bay from the pacific ocean. The spit is an area of massive sand dunes with sparse vegetation that separates the bay from the pacific. We beached and hiked across the massive piles of sand to the pacific. The waves were large and rolling as numerous shore birds darted in and out of the water feeding upon what the surf brought in. We walked the beach and admired the huge expanse of rolling surf accentuated by the prominent Morro rock which rose before us. The sand spit is a primary breeding ground for the snowy plover and is roped off to restrict human ingress into their nesting areas. We then boarded our Kayaks and navigated toward the dangerous harbor inlet. We had to paddle with a frenzy to overcome the inward rush of tidal water and the brisk 20 knot winds. We finally beached on a point just inside the harbor exit. The exit is bordered by a huge boulder jetty and is quite narrow and tricky. The harbor is rated as one of the most dangerous in the United States. Some 22 people have lost their lives in the harbor in just the past few years. We had to shelter ourselves against the wind as we ate our snacks. We laid against some massive boulders and chewed upon the wind blown sand as we lunched. The wind had now become strong enough to blow our kayaks several yards while totally beached on the sand! Launching back into the channel for our return trip was quite a tricky experience. The wind immediately grabbed and propelled the kayak inward down the channel. We traveled 2 miles in only 17 minutes-about 8 mph! That is practically surfing speed in a Kayak. It was a fun ride back to port and a great way to end a beautiful but tiring day. Morro bay is a big center for Halibut. We spotted two seals while paddling. They just sort of suddenly pop their heads out the water and greet you before rolling under again. Today being Fathers day the harbor was quite busy.

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