A foggy view of Martinique Beach

Lots of people swimming

Modern home with a great view

View of the beach from the park

Walk to the beach

Miles of flowers

Delicate flowers

View flowers lining the path

Piping Plovers Info

It was a beautiful drive

Close view




Beautiful flowers

Back home

View from the bay looking at our site, second from left

View from our windshield

View from our windshield

View from our windshield

Last one!

If you are a nature lover, you won't want to miss Martinique Beach Park. It is located about ten miles from Musquodoboit Harbour. Martinique is a fine packed sandy beach that stretches for (3 miles) along the coast, making it the longest beach in Nova Scotia. Behind the beach, a bird sanctuary attracts a wide variety of waterfowl. We saw quite a few Canada geese and a few songbirds. We were a bit disappointed, the fog moved in right when we arrived, making it really hard to capture the beauty in our photos.

It reminded us of some of the beaches in Cancun, Mexico. We also got a few pictures of a very modern home on the beach. We both remember seeing it on television before, but we can't remember what show it was featured on. It has an incredible view.

We were also hoping to see some seals, but no luck. We saw a lot of people swimming and a few surfers, but not much in the way of wildlife. The views were worth the drive, even in the fog. :-) More later from Nova Scotia.

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