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Washington Street foot bridge

Riverside Drive bridge over the Chenango river

3 bridges over the Susquehanna River

one of B.C.'s dinosaurs around town

one of the stops is at Transit center

downtown Binghamton

Mets B team plays here

end of bike ride is where it started!

Otsiningo Park is on Susquehanna River

found Doubleday's gravesite in Binghamton!

Pet cemetery where racehorse called exterminator is buried, along with lots of...

Nathaniel Cole Park outside of Binghamton is free!

What a glorious day this was! I saw the fog lifting off the Susquehanna river on my way to Binghamton in the morning and it was so pretty that I decided that one early morning I need to kayak in these conditions!

There was a 5.5 mile bike ride that only cost $3 to register along the rivers and over bridges and along bike paths. People of all ages participated so the ride was at a slow pace with 4 stops along the way so that city politicians and businessmen could advertise their grandiose plans for making Binghamton an even better bike riding city.

Afterwards, I found a Subway sandwich and went to the city's main park to eat lunch, look for a couple of letterboxes, and watch the ducks and geese ont heriver. I found both letterboxes, too!

I went to a couple of graveyards looking for letterboxes, and while I didn't find them, I did find Mr. baseball's gravesite - not even a clue for a letterbox! Outside the city is a pet cemetery - my first visit to one of them. I found the letterbox hidden there, and it had a great story about a pace horse who became a race horse and won lots of races! That was in the early 1900s.

On the way home, I stopped at another park where I walked around the lake to find two more letterboxes. the Nathaniel cole park is popular, well-maintained, and free! There are big washrooms, a big concession stand, lifeguards on the beach, boats to rent, and lots of picnic tables under the trees! A great place to spend a hot day and i will go back!

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