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Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Friendship State Store Ulaanbaatar

Leaving Ulaanbaatar

Our second train journey - train stopped 5.30am for the Mongolian border control at Sukhbaatar. It is now 9.00 am and a beautiful sunny day and we are still sitting here waiting for border control. Cannot use train toilet so used station one a couple of times - 150T per use. Had cornflakes and 2 pieces of hard bread (it is all hard bread) and jam and numerous cups of green tea with lemon (just to pass the time)in the new glass mug (from France) purchased in Ulaanbaatar.

In general, so far, food has been relatively cheap by our standards. There are loads of wood which has been milled sitting in freight trains on station. Apparently there are a lot of trees as we venture into Siberia. We are now on the border of Mongolia. When we cross the border we will be in eastern Siberia, the reason we have to sit at this border town of Sukhbaatar is that the passport control people don't start work until 8am and therefore 9am before they start the process for the train. Watched army marching/jogging in full uniform including boots. They were chanting as they went. Got our passports back at 10.30am - 10.40am pulled out of station - arrived Russian border 11.15am. Do not take photos of border as camera can be confiscated. Near the border train carriage has tanks with guns on - they looked ready to roll.

We have stopped at Naushki - Russia's border station - waiting for the passports to come back, then we can leave the train - finally got off the train - squat toilets - 8 roubles. Had lunch of the equivalent of Deb, 2 slices hard bread and tin of sardines - not too bad. Very hot outside - there was cooked chicken sitting on the counter of the shop. Didn't kill the couple who bought it from the train. Countryside very pretty, grass, trees, small rivers, swampy land here and there. Road running alongside track at times. Houses made of wood, not painted but stained. 36 deg. at 8.10pm, been very hot today. It is now 9.30pm and the sun hasn't set yet. Can't believe I am in Eastern Siberia.

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