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June 24 - Mossel River Valley (Germany ) to Luxembourg

Woke up early at camping ground and decided to pack up and explore the valley and then head onto Luxembourg (only about 2 hours away.) Made our way to Cochem one of the many beautiful riverside medieval towns and spent a couple of hours exploring.Amazing cliff-top castle overlooking the town,cute shops,brought food for lunch then headed down river to another village and sat under a shady tree by the river and had a picnic.This area of Germany has a strong French influence - villages have church,town square and a ‘mairie’ ( village council / town hall ) at their centre.Architecture very French like.Don’t find German people very welcoming or friendly or that helpful even.Not great for their tourism industry.Did have an entertaining conversation with the man who was cooking my chicken about the world cup soccer and how NZ was doing.He was a hard-case and very interested in NZ and our family and where we had been.Thought he was a German exception until he told me he was from Czechsolvakia!!That explained everything!Moved on through the Mossel then hit the auto-barns for a quick trip to Luxembourg.Bit of a cheer went up as we crossed the border into Luxembourg and left Germany behind.Found our camping ground easily ( Marie-Antoinette has her uses ) set up tents quickly and headed into Luxemboug City to try and find somewhere to watch the chicken man had told me NZ were playing at 4.00pm.Found an outside bar with a big screen TV but was wrong game …no NZ …shame!So explored the city…beautiful…felt like we were back in France.Very ‘chic’ shops and people.Lovely to hear French again and be able to communicate and understand!Luxembourg flags flying everywhere (red,white and sky blue ) thought it was for world cup soccer or just normal for them but found out later that yesterday had been the Grand Duke of Luxembourg’s birthday so a national holiday and many celebrations-streets full of people,bands marching,parades and fireworks at night…what a shame we had missed it.Still a lovely buzz in the air tho’.Back to campground for dinner.Much more pleasant vibe at this site so very pleased we uped sticks and moved from the last one.


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