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another pink bird! now I know of 3 of them

pretty bird most people didn't see

just ducky

the aviary's conversationalisst

penguins want out - voices sound like seal barks

speculated bear awakes from pleasant nap

one of quite a few animals we hadn't heard of before

ring-tailed monkey

another different but old mammal

Ross Park Carousel - might this be the oldest one?

taking a ride

Rec Park Carousel

Dot, my youngest sister (who now qualifies as a senior citizen in some places!) took a day off of work to come visit me for more than just a few hours! Yesterday, we went to the Hawkins Pond Nature Area to walk on one of the hiking paths, but it started to thunder and rain when we got there! We went in so far as to where a letterbox is hidden that i can't seem to find, but we didn't find it either. When we got back to the campground, we ate dinner and walked around to see how big the place is.

So, on this fine day, we went into and around Binghamton to find the carousels and visit the zoo. It is claimed that the Ross Park City Zoo is the oldest in America! It is situated on a hill, as is everything in this area. After walking uphill a bit, there were outdoor pens for reindeer and wolves, then the upper section was for otters and penguins. We went to the bear den for its feeding at lunch, but it was sleeping soundly. The food pellets hitting it woke her up and she started foraging for the food so we could get a glimpse of her face. She, like many animals here, is an old gal. So, old animals in the oldest zoo - ha!

One of the six carousels is at the entrance of the zoo and we got there just in time to take a free ride on it. The ride lasted through two plays of the song, so that was surprising.

Another carousel was in a nice open park that seems to be popular with the townfolk. There were lots of kids on it and since the carousel was inside a building with windows, it was very noisy and we left quickly.

The other carousels are scattered in neighboring towns - Johnson City and Endicott - so we didn't pursue them. We came back to Afton, picked up lunch in town, and brought it back to the campsite to eat. One more walk through the campground, and it was time for her to head back to Saugerties!

Thanks for coming, Dot - it was great fun!

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