2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

our first look at Alberta



coming into Cold Lake

skies over Cold Lake are still dramatic



seeing a confederate flag here is depressing - I thought all those...

rain on the way to Bonnyville

and all the way through town

south of Bonnyville



the road is still wet and cars and trucks are throwing up...

beautiful country and quite different from what we've been seeing



the condition of our windshield after the rain

it's a wonder Madolyn gets such good pictures in spite of the...


that's an osprey nest on that pole

nearing Elk Point and our campground

the Elk Point campground is a combination motel and campground

very popular with big rig truckers

We reached the Saskatchewan - Alberta border shortly before 5:00 o’clock and after a stop at the Cold Lake Information Center we headed south toward the town of Bonnyville. Entering Alberta after seventeen days in Manitoba and Saskatchewan you are immediately surprised by how built up and populated Alberta is by comparison. You get a definite impression of greater affluence.

There is a lot of oil money in Alberta and the province is not hard up for public funds. Roads are better and everything has a neater and more well maintained appearance. Where Saskatchewan was open farmland and empty hills a few miles east of the border, Alberta is immediately a grid of good roads and well kept communities just west of the border. I hasten to add that this does not make it better than Saskatchewan or Manitoba - only different.

We ran into some rain, and it was a dirty rain that streaked the windshield and made driving hard, but we arrived at a campground in Elk Point about 6:00 and settled in for the night. Here we met with another Alberta phenomenon, a working cell phone, cable TV and good WiFi at our campsite. So there are some things to be said for crossing the border!

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