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Bear Alert





We reluctantly left Seward and headed toward Anchorage. We stopped at a State Campground on the way called Bird Creek. We like to stay at city or state campgrounds when we can. They are usually quite beautiful, camping spots are usually more private (they give you space), you can have a campfire, and they are cheaper than privately owned campgrounds. Privately owned campgrounds tend to be parking lots. But we use private campgrounds when we need to catch up on laundry, Internet, news (they usually have laundry rooms and cable or something we can hook up to).

As we pulled into the campground, we were met with a bear warning. Bears are everywhere, so I thought the warning was kind of funny. But, when they walk through camp, the camp host needs to post a warning.

We were the first to set up camp that day. Kind of eerie to be the only ones in a wooded campground. Iit's okay as long as you don't start hearing banjo music, tee hee) The campground was located next to the mudflats on the upper end of the Cook Inlet. Moose have been stuck in the mudflats. Recently a cow moose and her baby were stuck and they couldn't get them out and they died. It is sad. Moose also follow railroad tracks and get hit at times. I don't know for sure, but they mustn't have the best hearing or eyesight. They get hit by cars all the time too. Some cities post how many moose have been hit on a certain road (in Soldotna it showed over 200 moose had been hit). Bill and I remember from our cruise and land excursion a few years ago that a moose was out on the mudflats when we were on our train ride in this same locale.

Nothing exciting on this stop as we used this evening for a campfire and planned our visit to Anchorage and Denali.

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