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The Green Man Pub

We watched the cup final in an Amazing English pub with an English country garden on a 200inch Screen:) The food was sublime and far too much, expensive for Thailand but less than a weatherspoons, if you can find us a menu like this in england it would be our local and we'd get fat.

The landlord was a goonah so i took it as a good sign. All of the Buddahs in the world must have been shining down on us as @ no point did i feel we deserved to win the game. As Dad says we were not great but we'll take it

However i must comment that these vital lessons may have finally been learnt by all Manc lovers

a) Rooney - thats what you get for spending a lot of time in swimming pools (and ending our 49 game unbeaten run - and in effect our title hopes)

b) Do us all a favour Fergie and retire - it was worth it to see that all too smug grin totally wiped off your ugly mug

c) And as the bag likes to say over and over again


PS - Do we think Reyes and Ruud Van Shit Himself have already signed for Madrid or what:)

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