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Zakynthos, Greece from the ship

Our tender to beautiful Zakynthos

Our ship from Zakynthos

The train ride around the island

Agios Markou - St. Marks Square in Zakynthos

Beautiful streets in Zakynthos



Bonnie on her iPad in Zakynthos

Fruit stand in Zakynthos


Above Zakynthos

View of Zakynthos from the fortress above town

Our ship from atop Zakynthos

Thursday August 19 - Zakynthos, Greece - Zakynthos is a fairly new port of call. It’s also quite new in the sense that it was 90 % destroyed in 1953 by an earthquake and then a resulting fire. There were only a handful of buildings that survived and that was because they were built of concrete. The city has rebuilt itself and is now a great tourist destination. The people are very friendly. It is a very pretty island with lots of vegetation, quite different from the arid islands we have just previously visited. We took a brief tour of the town on the tour train and then taxied up to the top for some lunch and incredible views of the city and harbor.

Tonight we dine a Prime C - the other specialty restaurant. The food and service is just as good as the other specialty restaurant Aqualina!! I had Colorado Lamb chops. Lamb chops from Colorado all the way out in the middle of the Ionian Sea.

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