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Alexandria Bay Lighthouse

Ring Beak Gull in flight

Gaggle of Geese

Uncle Sam Tour Boat

Boldt Castle Boat House

Boldt Castle Entry with Deer Bronzes

Boldt Grand Stairs and Foyer

Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle Stained Glass ceiling dome

Hart Island and Boldt Castle

Sailboat in the Seaway

"Honeymoon cottage"

House of many stairs

Small House

Tiny house

Beautiful House

Widescreen scene

Antique wooden boat

Canadian Flag Flys!


Decaying house and freighter

Freighter traveling

Granite island, little cottage


The littlest island

No cottage here!

Paddlewheel of the boat

Smallest USA-Canada bridge!

Bigger USA-Canada Bridge

Thursday we went to Alexandria Bay and took a boat tour around the 1000 Island area. Actually we learned there are over 1800 islands including both the US and Canada waters. When this area was developed in the 1800’s it was the vacation spot of the rich.

The first area our tour boat went to was called ‘Million Dollar Row’. You can only guess what these homes look like. We saw large Islands and small Islands where the house covered most of the island. When the boundary was set between Canada and the US they made sure no Island was split by the boundary. There are 2 islands close together, with the house on one island and a bridge to another island owned by the same person. This is the smallest bridge connecting the US and Canada.

The 2 hour boat tour of the Islands ended at the Boldt Castle. We toured the castle and the island which was started by Boldt in 1900 and he stopped work in 1904 when his wife died. His heart for the Castle left him when his wife died, and he never spent one day or night in the place.

The interior of the Castle was never finished and sat idle for 73 years until 1977 when the 100 Island Bridge Authority took ownership and started the long process of finishing the work. They have finished most of the first floor and about ½ the second floor. The Basement with pool, third floor and four floor servants’ quarters are yet to be done. When we went to the 3rd and 4th floors we found the graffiti and damage from the 73 years of it being vacant. Some of the plaster walls have graffiti cut into the walls and areas with the plaster broken off. The Castle grounds were very scenic and manicured as you would expect.

After walking the grounds we boarded a ferry back to Alex Bay. There were a lot of shops in Alex Bay for the visitors and we went shopping in a few of them. Back to the trailer and another evening watching the sunset before heading to Maine.

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