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Our neighbors all looking for Balloons

This empty field should be full of balloons

Kelly's Oldtimers entertain

The rainbow after the rain this evening

Bummer rain and wind again this morning. So all we have out in front of us is an empty field. It has rained off and on and it is in the low 0's but we have plenty to do and will sit it out and hope for better weather. It must be a good day for soaring as we just saw one get towed up.

It turned out to be a decent day and while very windy not much else. Bonnie went into town and toured a bunch of yard sales and of course found some real treasures. Then we napped and read for most of the afternoon. Alexus and Elizabeth were supposed to be down late afternoon. But she got delayed getting Alexus’s hair done so they are still not here.

We walked over to the festival area, I caught the end of Kelly’s old timers musical act and walked around. I was a bit surprised how many vendors are here and the variety of the stuff they are selling. Lots of food at what they call the International Food Court, and games and rides for the kids.

I walked over to the pilot briefing about 5:30pm. They went over the weather and there is a threat of rain and the winds are not only too high but are also gusting way over the limit. So no launch again tonight. They said tomorrow morning looks promising so time will tell.

We grabbed supper and made it in under the dining tent just as the skies opened up. Just as we finished I caught a couple pictures of the rainbow because now the sun is out. Finally Elizabeth is on the way so we have put on a movie to pass the time for Bonnie and I am updating the blog.

I hope to report on an actual Balloon launch in the morning. Thanks for checking in.

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