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Finally a Ballon Launch

The Chase is on

A controlled crash landing

Up Up and Away

Notice the flame from the burner

Lucky Number Band

Nice view of the balloons

Nice Flame

The sun sets

Almost dark out

Finally a few balloons launched.

The alarm went off at 7:00am the scheduled launch time. Alas it was not raining and we could not hear any rain. I turned on the radio and the local station said there would be balloons launched this morning. So I got everyone up and sure enough the first balloon was floating toward the MH. It was about 55 out and several more balloons were preparing to launch. It is very overcast and rain is predicted so only about 6 of the 50 balloons actually launched, but finally we got to see some balloons in the air. We are hopeful that tonight the conditions are even better, hopefully the balloonists have not given up and headed home.

Elizabeth made biscuits and gravy for breakfast of course the oven set off the smoke detector so we know that works now.

The ladies went into town to find the bank and now have headed over to the festival. Its 11 and I have taken my shower and even gotten dressed for the day. More later.

There is a fly-in breakfast here at the airport today so lots of planes have been in and out. Also they give glider rides here so they go by often also. The wind has been getting stronger as the day goes on which puts the afternoon launch questionable. Our friends and their friends have already packed up and headed for home. I think we will stick it out. We are as comfortable here as we are at home. Alexus and I played games all morning, shuffleboard, bowling, the amish game, and yatzee. After lunch we all relaxed, read, and napped, capped off by a visit from our neighbors, just before they headed home.

Well cars and people poured in here all afternoon and the skies cleared. However the wind hung on with gusts over 15 mph which is the safe limit. I went over and listened to the afternoon band named Lucky Number, they were pretty good. Then back to the MH for the launch. Well they delayed twice and then called off the launch again. They did inflate about 15 balloons to try to appease the crowd and a lot hung around for that. It was colorful but not what we came to see. One last chance at 6 in the morning. One way or the other we leave before noon and head home to the family reunion. I will try a couple more pictures put the connection has been iffy tonight./FONT>

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