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Once again there is too much wind this morning, Its the gusts over 15 that worry them. I am slowly getting ready to leave for home. Bonnie is still sawing logs. Elizabeth and Alexus left in the middle of the night as Elizabeth did not feel well and wanted to be home.

A few balloonists did show up this morning ready to go but most must have headed home. A lot stay with host families so there were quite a few cars and people here but just as I got up most were starting to pull out. The early to rise campers are all starting to pull out now.

It did get down to 47 last night but the sun was out for a while and it was not too bad in here, I have not even cranked up the furnace, just a good hot cup of coffee.

Sorry we did not see more balloons at least we saw a few go off yesterday, we did have a good time here and at the festival. Today Labor day is the Maynard Family reunion and we will make that. I have a meeting with other officers of the Magistrates Association later this evening, only day we could all get together. Then tomorrow the MH goes into have the ABS brake sensors looked at. The brakes hung up first time out this year and melted the sensors.

So until next time, in a few weeks, Good by. Thanks for checking in.

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