Rallye Med 2010 travel blog




We spent almost the whole day at altitudes above 1000m (high up in old money). There was a final descent to Caceres at 440m. For the rest of the day we continued to drive on the high plain. There were sheep, cows, goats.... On the descent we saw cherry and fig trees and trees with what looked like huge chestnuts.

There were quite a few planned stops for visits. The main one was in Avila – a provincial capital. We had Roger Carey following us as he has no navigator until Seville. We managed to find two parking places that were more or less legal, had drinks and a quick lunch and then walked around this delightful town with complete 11th/14th century walls. Part of the walk was on the walls.

We started with the temperature at 12C (chilly, particularly for those in open top cars) but by the end of the day in Caceres it had reached 30C (hot). Caceres is a lovely provincial town, less touristy than Avila, more out in the sticks. It being Friday, the population had taken to the streets in the evening. Perhaps they do it every night. We ate Tapas with the Woodheads. We ate and drank very well for 40 eoros including tip for all four of us. There was the odd problem with language and we did not like all the local specialities that our waiter offered but we tried everything and had a great time. The evening finished with ice creams elsewhere.

A Spaniard drove straight into the wing of Martin’s Jaguar in a petrol station. Luckily only a dent but very annoying.

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