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John Dory - Mike caught a few weeks ago

A gannet work up

Oh the first camping trip of spring! We have been waiting patiently for the wind and rain to slow down and the days to get longer so we can start camping again. Last Friday night we slept through howling winds and woke up to overcast skies, 20+mi per hour gusts and rain clouds in the distance. Yet we still piled the sleeping bags in our car and headed north. I was looking for an out (to be honest) but went along and tried not to be a party pooper.

The surf was up at Shipwreck Bay in Ahipara, one of our absolute favorite spots. The plan was for Mike to surf with a couple of surfing buddies and I would hang on the beach. When we got to Shippies the surf was pumping and the guys rang out to the water. I was dressed in two layers of long underwear and prepared to try to relax in the wind and cold. But then the sun came out, and the wind died down and suddenly it could have been a summer’s afternoon on the beach. I collected mussels by the rocks and sat on the beach and read for awhile.

After the surf, Mike and his friend Roy and I drove around to an isolated spot and set up camp on the grass behind the beach. We went fishing, read, made a fire and enjoyed a quiet evening among the stars. It was a great trip to mark the start of the camping season!

That was last weekend…

This Saturday we were determined to get scallops by diving off our boat. Even though it was raining and windy, we took the boat all the way to the dock but changed out minds when we got soaked and saw the waves. Oh well there’s always next weekend.

Finally, today I went to a friend’s avocado orchard and they just trimmed their avocado trees and avos from the cut branches were everywhere. We walked around about 6 trees and got 6 big bag fulls of perfect avos. That’s a lot of guacamole! Now I just have to make sure they ripen at different times (let me know if you have any tips!).

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