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Well guys and girls. It has been a long time since an entry was made, mainly due to the fact we really had stuff all to talk about.

I left for a month in Plymouth to do my offshore medics course. The course was ok and the hospital placements were great. Mick scored three out of three for non recoverable CPR cases and had a total of seven people die whilst I was on shift. Bit of a course record that one apparently.

After the course I have come back up here and we have moved out of Linny and Johns and into the actual city.

Lynny and John's was great and we really have to thank them for all the help they gave us. Without them I really don't think we would have held out for as long as we have. Thnaks guys.

So we now live in a place called Elephant and Castle which is on the south side of the Thames about 3 kilometres from the Tower Bridge.

We have got the room on the top floor of the flat with a great view of UK council houses and an overgrown lawn out the back. There is no light in the bathroom, the water from the shower splashes through the roof onto the kitchen exhaust fan and there was a dead mouse under the fridge.

But before you get me wrong, this place is an awesome place to live. Peta and Adrian we know from Perth, Christina is from Sweden and Kerry is from good old Ballarat Victoria and also a collingwood supporter.

We just managed to get a TV, DVD player and kenwood stereo for £50 which was a pretty good bargain. The guy that moved out owned everything and for a while I thought Kirsty was going to go mental due to TV deprivation.

So with that sorted, Adrian and I also managed to pick up some free house furniture and everything looks good.

We live on the main road with the street markets about 50m away, a bottleshop four metres away and plenty of fast food shops to go. It is quite convenient to get into central london with a bus stop 30m away and the tube station about 5 minutes walk. Or 1.2 seconds if you walk like Peta :-)

London (English for that matter) weather is crap.

As we have learned from seasoned veteren Adrian and Peta never ever leave the house without a jacket. Even if it is twenty five degrees outside, which it never is, by the time you have spent four hours outside the weather realises it has a reputation to uphold and pulls the pin.

We have now got a laptop and after my flight to Blackpool yesterday i'm now fully qualified to go offshore in the uk so hopefully a few swings won't be too far away.

Kirsty has had quite a few job interviews so she should get some good results from that.

Otherwise, life is great, we miss you all and would love to hear from you at some time.


PS If anyone from the gecko's trip who has Jezza's details or who has heard from him can you let us know?


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