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G’day all,

I thought we should let you know that we have arrived in the UK ☺. The flight was long but bearable thanks to the individual entertainment systems. The weather has been mixed but not cold, up to 20 deg C. The natives seem to wear more clothes than us, perhaps it’s because we’re tough Aussies ☺

We’ve had a few problems accessing our UK bank account, it’s an account that we’ve had for more than 25 years. They said it will take 1 week to change our address to a UK address (Liz’s parents address) then another week before we know if they will give us a UK debit/credit card because we do not have a recent credit history, what a joke, we are not happy

Internet access was also a problem; we wanted to purchase a mobile internet dongle and pay for by direct debit but you can only do this if you can prove that you have a UK address. We had to get Liz’s parents to sign the agreement and use our UK bank account details. The cost was $83 + $40 per month for up to 10GB, not bad for mobile broadband ☺

Liz had to buy another prepaid mobile phone because she forgot to get her Aussie one unlocked before we left. No probs, the phone cost $34 which includes $17 credit. The problem is, the Aussie mobile number is used to verify the transactions for our ING bank accounts and ING cannot send SMS messages to phones outside of Australia. To overcome this, ING will send us a token generator so that we can use the normal bill pay and money transfer facilities. It will take a couple of weeks to get here

We hired a car to buy a car; it’s a 1992 Peugeot 205 1.6 automatic in very good condition with 57,000 miles on the clock, it cost us $1,100. It’s great, it drives like a mini but faster and with power steering, electric windows and central locking. We need the car to view the motor homes and to visit friends. It will be a lot cheaper than hiring a car for say, a month and I think we’ll be able to sell it for more than we paid for it ☺

We have sent off the forms to renew our UK driving licenses which will avoid the problem next year when our Aussie driving licences and international driving permits expire. The RTA would not let us renew our licenses more than 6 months before they are due to expire before we left which means that we will have to renew them from here while travelling, what a pain. The UK licenses will allow us to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes (instead of the Aussie 3.5 tonnes) because we passed our UK driving tests a long time ago ☺

Had a look around the national shooting centre at Bisley today; heaps of buildings, fixed caravans, different ranges etc. Can’t wait to give the 1,000 and 1,200 yard ranges a try ☺

Here’s a few comparisons:

• the roads are narrow and the cars are small

• automatics are very rare, we were lucky

• you can park on either side of the road facing either way

• you need to stop to allow oncoming traffic to pass

• the houses are small, typically about 8 x 8 metres normally multi story

• double glazing and plastic windows are the norm

• draft excluders on external and internal doors, central heating etc.

• road side hedgerows, deciduous trees, autumn colours etc

• squirrels, chestnuts, conkers

• real ale, warm of course

• very low interest rates, max 3% instead of our 6%

Changes since we were last here:

• more people from other countries, mainly Eastern European

Other stuff:

• mixed starter at a local pub/restaurant - baked camembert, batter fried chicken, batter fired onion rings, foie gras pate and batter fried mushrooms

• Prince Charlie’s food shop - venison, pheasant, wild boar etc

The current news:

• public sector pension schemes are too expensive, the Government wants to align the benefits with the private sector

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