Nina's Excursion to South Africa -- Nov 2010 travel blog

More roadside vistas

Lydenberg Jacaranda trees

Photo stop for jacaranda tree lined street

more roadside vistas

1st candelabra bush



Sunset over Kruger Park

Kruger Park is about twice the size of Yellowstone Park. (4 Montana = 1 South Africa, 2 Glacier Park = 1 Yellowstone, and 2 Yellowstone = Kruger National Park. Roughly figuring.) Again, rolling hills. Wild banana trees. The plumeria trees are a nice orange/red contrast to the light purple of the jacarandas. Not in park yet. See Zebras! Impala - lots of impalas. (Kent tells us that in time we'll see so many impalas that we'll just say "Oh, it's just an impala -- but I can't imagine that at present). Wildebeest! The first sighting of each of the animals is exciting. The cameras all whip out and lots of "Oh look!" We reach Paul Kruger Gate of Kruger National Park at 5:25 PM and there are lots of impalas. There are ZEBRAS! Wildebeest! We check in to Skukuza Rest Camp. Thatched roof circular structures mimic Zulu huts. The interior is plain but very nicely maintained. Tonight by the river we heard a noise that others thought was a buffalo. It was an adult hippo with a young one grazing along the riverside! (Alex, I could have used your headlamp.) Later (9:00 PM) we gathered on the porch of one of the huts for a goodnight wine. We could identify the sounds of the monkeys and let our imaginations fill in the rest! Saw terrain and towns during the 300 mile drive today that I've never seen as Africa. Neat towns with warm smiles. People living and working, kids going to and from school. Thriving people. No news so no media -- just everyday normal life. I've wished for Paul so many times, not only his physical presence but also to have that special person to talk with as all of these new experience come along.

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