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Ferry to Pto Ing. Ibanez. 3 hrs arr at 11am. Super winds, and white caps...wind even picked up crest of white caps in 'dust devil-like' funnels (see pics), amazing to see. Never before have I experienced such wind, especially on open water! Talked w/ gal, Pierrette Farndon from Quebec travelling solo coming from the S. (Pto Williams) where she was trekking for several days.

When we got to landing, a ride on one of 4 minibuses taking passengers to Coyhaique took us to crossroad to catch something going S. towards Cerro Castillo. We were the only ones who didn't go to Coyhaique, ha! See pics. Beautiful, sunny (& windy, of course) day. We waited at the crossroads bus stop trying to flag down a passing vehicle to take us the 9 km to Cerro Castillo w/o luck. Finally, at 2pm we began to hike and by 3 we'd gotten about half way. Mari was behind and managed to flag a truck so when it cought up to us we all got a ride the rest of the way to town.

In town we found out that a bus goes tomor at 11 to Pto. Tranquillo. Being only 3:30 we went to tourist office in the 'plaza' - really just a field/open space w/ no bldgs, ha -to see if there was any other transport onward...None! So we ckd into the cafe/place where we would be catching bus out front tomor. Here she incl brkfst w/ ON.

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