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We had complaints that not enough pictures of us, so you asked...

Journey up river to the lodge

Our jungle lodgings

Porcupine Porking!

Tree Snake, oh no they're not poisonous..honest!

Its huge.. the tree that is.

Bit hot up here darling.

View from the top of the hill, well worth it.

The walk up hill

View from high up

High up on the canopy walkway

The Upshalls

The jungle canopy

River tributary deep in rainforest

More river piccies.. scary river as Tracey would call it..

Tracey learning to swim..

As you will all know by now we are both avid Naturalists or Naturists, never too sure..anyway we didn't get naked but got back to basics with wildlife instead.

We ventured out of the big smoke up to the interior of Peninsular Malaysia, a journey that was too take us by foot, coach and boat to our lodgings in the middle of the oldest living rainforest in the world, over 130 million years old and untouched by the recent iceage in the world..oo I sound like David Bellamy! ha ha.. Anyway this is supposed to be the most virgin of all rainforests/jungles left and over 4000 sq km's quite large too, needless to say we only scratched the undergrowth to coin a phrase.

We arrived at the pier to board our boat which didn't look too stable and neither did Tracey's nerves once she got on, but we survived a 3 hour boat ride (not so comfortable) to arrive at our jungle lodgings, very exciting.!

The first thing to do was to book all our tours for the next 2 days, first up was the night safari through the jungle, to see the nocturnal creatures out there. Great start by spotting Porcupines snorting around under some of the chalets and then onwards deep into the undergrowth where we were subjected to mating stick insects tree snakes and bird eating spiders.! Then the rain appeared and here endeth our walk, but it was fab, after this we headed up to a hide where we were fortunate enough to see some wild deer and boar, gosh enough excitement for one day so off to bed for an early morning jungle trek.

So it all began with a brief from the guide that we would be heading to the highest point in this area and it's hot..! So bring water..I think that was just to pour over your head, but oh my god, I don't think we have ever sweated sooo much, all our clothes changed colour and weight dripping with sweat..hmm nice.!

So worthwhile though, I guess you don't really notice it once you're active.

With the longest canopy walk in the world at 570m long and 45m in height in places this was just fantastic to be that far up off the floor and nothing but a few wires and wood holding you up a great feeling, oh except for the biting bastard ants.(excuse my language, but Tracey's was alot more colourful when she was bitten).

All in all the walk was very intersting and gave us an insight as to how the ancient tribes survived on all the forest offerings as described by our guide.

The afternoon has us on another boat trip up a small tributary of the main river deeper inside the jungle, really spectacular scenery just floating by and heading off to the natural jacuzzi in the river. Once we arrived it was strip off and dive in before the swarms of bees attack I'm not joking had to run away once you got out so they didn't stnig you, quite funny watching some people running away, grown men as well.

So enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our experience in the Jungle, off back to KL for a few more days of luxury before heading off to see our cousins in Borneo.

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