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We celebrated the NY with true Koh Phangan style. The day was spent relaxing around Haad Khom, we visited 7 Eleven to buy Joss a T-shirt and headed back to our bungalow to start painting. As we were getting ready a storm was blowing outside. As we are on the cliff front it sounded much worse than it was but it was pretty bad. Our roof started leaking slightly but luckily the heavy showers were over after a few moments. Joss painted a logo on his new T-shirt with our Fluorescent paints and I painted a flower, a Phoenix and a series of colourful dots in a pattern on my skin.

When we finished getting ready the rain stopped and we grabbed a taxi down to Haad rin. When we arrived the mayhem began. The streets were brimming with westerners {mainly Australian boys} covered in Fluor paint. Everyone was headed for the beach carrying buckets of drink and fireworks. We started off at one of Mel's friends bungalows. Whilst we were there Mel and Joss painted themselves more and Mel made his own T-shirt.

After a few hours we went to the beach and it was packed. We could hardly move and had to move away from the good music to find a place. A lot of people were already really drunk and rowdy. We found the best spot for the countdown and when NY hit everybody cheered and let off fireworks. It was a really great celebration. After midnight the beach became less busy, this was good as we could finally move a bit. We danced until 3am then got a taxi home as it was going to take over an hour. NY day we spent relaxing around Haad Khom again, the sun was shining so we went down the beach, ate nice food and chilled.....

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