Adventures of Sandy, Bob, and the furry ones travel blog

This is where we spent our first night on the road.

From the top looking down.

Turned out to be quite a scary road and I wouldn't drive...

A lighthouse we saw along the way.

Morrow Bay - Very beautiful place.

Our home away from home for 7 days. the dogs loved it.

No you may not do that at home!

The screen room to keep the dogs in - not - needs...

Some lucky horses.....

That's Bob way up on the hill.

We were amazed how they just drove all over the beach.

One of the many beautiful sunsets that we saw. Oh and did...

Ok journaling is new to me so you will have bear with me. We bought a motor home in September with the intent of traveling a bit around the US. I thought journaling would be a good way to share photo's and locations of our adventures with family and friends.

For my first journaling trip we will be traveling a short distance to Pismo Beach California in hopes of escaping the dreary fog and cold of the delta that has held us in its grips for quite awhile now.

The motor home is packed and our furry friends as well as us are anxious to get on the road. We will leave tomorrow in the a.m. in hopes of avoiding the weekend traffic. We will be taking Highway 1 south which is such a beautiful drive as I will share in pictures hopefully :-).

I hope I can get this site up and running as I am quite excited about having a way to share our adventures with family and friends. wish me luck.

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