Jacob Black House

Garage view

Beach La Push

Another view

Jacob's Java

Visitor Center in Forks

Another view

We love Edward & Bella

Another view


Map of fans

The Swan House

Dr. Cullen Parking Space

Another view

Twilight Central

Forks High Sign

This is all that is left of the school facade

Police Department

Cullen House

Edward, top window :-)

Info about the porch

The porch

Note from Esme, last one!

This update is for all of our Twilight fans. The first time we visited the little town of Forks, we were surprised by all the vampire stuff. See update dated December 2, 2010.

After reading most of the books, I am in the middle of the last book now, and seeing all the movies, it was much more fun the second time around. :-)

We went back to La Push and noticed a lot more Jacob areas. After La Push, we visited Forks at the other end of town. We got a Twilight map from the visitors center and did our own tour. We saw Bella's house, the Cullen house and much more. We hope you enjoy the tour.

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